Dominican Sisters

Sr Teri Wall OP

Vocation Minister

3805 W Walsh Pl

Denver, Colorado 80219


†† The Vocation Minister helps†† a woman discern whether or not she has a vocation as a vowed member of the community. She accompanies the woman in her discernment process until she enters the community.

God may be calling you to accept:

A vocation of service to the elderly.

Teaching minority children.

Stewardship of the Land.

Mission work abroad.

Leadership among women.

God may be calling you

to membership in the

Great Bend Dominicans.

This world is a busy, noisy, hectic place.† Sometimes even the Lord has trouble breaking through the clutter.

††† Still you hear it . . .

††††††† That little voice inside that

†††††††††††† keeps bringing you back . . .

† †††††††††† keeps you questioning . . .

†††††††††††† keeps you yearning for †††††† †††††††††††† ††††††††something more.

Stop for a moment and listen.

We invite you to come risk the Sacred Journey!

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