Dominican Sisters

of Great Bend, Kansas

We Dominicans of Kansas, impelled by the Gospel of Jesus, are the Holy Preaching

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The founding of the Dominican Sisters of Peace took place in† conjunction with the Easter celebration of Christís resurrection and new life, and was officially celebrated on April 14, 2009. From April 15-21, an assembly of sisters from all seven of the former Dominican communities gathered to elect a leadership team (prioress and councilors), and to carry on the business of the new congregation.

Officially, the new Leadership Team for the Dominican Sisters of Peace will be:

Sr Margaret Ormond OP - Prioress

Sr Joan Scanlon OP - First Councilor

Sr Gene Poore OP - Second Councilor

Sr Therese Leckert OP - Third Councilor

Sr Gemma Doll OP - Fourth Councilor

This leadership team will be installed on August 8, 2009, at which time they will assume their respective duties with offices at the new central house in Columbus, Ohio. They will hold office until 2015.

A website for the new congregation will be up soon. In the meantime, please help us stay in touch with you! As the sisters make their transition into becoming a new congregation, files will be transferred into a new database, and our publications will come to you in new forms with new titles. If you no longer receive our mailings and still wish to, please let us know. Again, we appreciate you, and we donít want to lose you!